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Squash Noodles with Coconut and Cashews

As I stepped out this morning to run errands, one of my favorite books as a child- “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day” came to mind. A lashing wind, thrashing trees and rustling leaves were in full force. There was definitely a chill in the air as well. As beautiful as it was (I

Dal Makhani

If you go to any Indian restaurant, some form of “dal makhani” will always be on the menu. This dish of lentils (“dal”) and cream is traditionally slow cooked overnight in clay pots with tons of spices and ghee (clarified butter). To say that it is a rich (and tasty) dish

Crispy Kale with Lentils and Brown Rice Noodles

Sunday is the day we (ie “I”) do the most cooking in our house. The groceries are stocked up, the house is clean, and everyone is well rested. This is the day we want to spend time together at home and eat healthy, nourishing meals. This Sunday was no exception. I started the day

Key Lime Pickle

One of the first times I realized how truly global the world was becoming was when I had classmate (who was not Indian) in graduate school say that he loved lime pickles with yogurt rice.  This is a truly traditional Southern Indian combination- not something you can pick up eating in a

Tomato Garlic Soup

We spent several weeks in hotels this past summer as we awaited the completion of our new home. As with any project that involves construction or renovation, the project did not complete on time. When the 12 month lease ran out on our apartment, we were naively  optimistic that our house would be

Crispy Bitter Gourd

While sweet, salty, sour and spicy tastes are often encountered in global cuisine, bitterness is rare and usually not even sought after. In Asian cuisine, one way to achieve this flavor is through the aptly named “bitter gourd.” Bitter gourds originated in India and went to China in the

Banana Blossoms with Lentils

We were driving around running errands recently when we came across a huge Asian market. Having heard of it before, and with some time to spare, we decided to walk in and give it a try. It was a different world inside with all manner of exotic fruits and vegetables. Multiple varieties of

Sweet Potato and Green Pepper Tamarind Stew (“Sambar”)

What do you make when it’s really cold outside, you are stuck at home and you want something comforting but healthy- sambar! Assuming you keep a pantry well stocked with lentils and spices, you can easily make this dish. My pantry had all the requisite ingredients but sambar, like most

Spaghetti Squash Rosti

Spaghetti squash is truly one of nature’s wonders. Imagine a vegetable, when cooked, that yields the most delicate spaghetti like strands. Nature, in its innate wisdom, created a healthy, low carbohydrate and low calorie substitute for pasta. When I found this small, bright yellow squash in

Peanut Brittle

As kids my brother and I played a lot of tennis. Actually, we played more than a lot. Our lives  pretty much revolved around tennis and school. Our weekdays involved after long school practice sessions, while almost every weekend my parents drove us to various tennis tournaments. As we