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Peanut Brittle

As kids my brother and I played a lot of tennis. Actually, we played more than a lot. Our lives  pretty much revolved around tennis and school. Our weekdays involved after long school practice sessions, while almost every weekend my parents drove us to various tennis tournaments. As we

No Knead Rye Loaf

As I write this post, the fragrance of freshly baking rye bread is wafting in from the  kitchen. Any freshly baked bread has an amazing fragrance, but with the rye there is a bit more complexity. You can detect the caraway seeds and something else kind of familiar and comforting. Rye bread always

Endive Salad with Grapes and Pinenuts

You know those vegetables that you always pass by in the produce section after a quick glance? They look interesting but you’ve never cooked with them before. They sound like they belong on a menu, not a home kitchen. Endives are one of those vegetables for me.  Even the pronounciation-

Kerala Potato Stew

A couple of years ago, while visiting India, so many of the dishes we ate were full of freshly grated coconut. Instead of “farm to table” it was “backyard tree to table.” It was pretty amazing and I had a lot of plans to cook more with coconut when I got back home. One of

Walnut Baklava with Lemon Honey Syrup

I have been making baklava once a year for the last 25 years or so. I am not allowed to make it more often unless it involves shipping it off to friends and family! It’s highly addictive to eat and deceptively simple to make. With a few basic rules on how to handle phyllo dough, baklava can

Crispy Potatoes with Turmeric & Mustard Seeds

These crispy potatoes with turmeric and mustard seeds represent so many things to me: My favorite way of eating potatoes as a child. My standard contribution to family dinners as a teen. One of the first things I made to convince my husband that I knew how to cook early in our marriage. What I

Chanterelle Sauté

Every year, around this time, I am on the lookout for chanterelle mushrooms. They come and go so quickly that they are easy to miss. They are a rare indulgence for the mushroom lovers in my family. A couple of things came together this year in our acquisition and preparation of these mushrooms.

Minestrone in the Morning

This simple minestrone soup was the breakfast of choice this morning. It actually won versus an option of freshly made Belgian waffles. In many parts of the world, breakfast is often leftovers from dinner the night before, or a substantial meal with many different flavors. Feel free to think

Coconut Cardamom Pumpkin Cookies

I always buy pumpkin purée this time of year, even if I have no definite plans on what to make with it.  It’s available in abundance at the store and if you have a pumpkin addict at home, it’s important to stock up. Last year I made pumpkin-cardamom cheesecake.  This year I wanted to

Sweet Potato Bajji

Dipping vegetables in a batter and deep frying them is a concept innate to many cuisines. In Italy, it is called “fritto misto”. In India, it is called a “pakora” in some parts and a “bajji” in others. To confuse matters more “bhaji” is a completely