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Stir Fried Cabbage with Coconut

IMG_2429_Cabbage Curry

If I was writing a menu blurb for this dish, this is what I would say:

“Shredded cabbage with coconut, lightly sautéd in the style of Southern India.”

IMG_2415_Cabbage Curry

Sounds fancy right? This is actually a very simple dish.  You can replace the cabbage with almost any vegetable (sweet potatoes, plantains, green beans, carrots,etc) and never grow bored with it.

Mix it with rice and it transforms from a side dish to a main course.

IMG_2428_Cabbage Curry

Very simple, scalable and repeatable.

My kind of recipe (ie #pickyeatersathome, #minimaltimetocook,#eatyourveggies).


1 large green cabbage, shredded
2 teaspoons of coconut oil
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 teaspoon urad dal
1 teaspoon chana dal
1/8 teaspoon asafoetida
1 dried red chile (optional
2 tablespoons dried shredded coconut (or fresh if you have it)
salt to taste


Heat the coconut oil in the skillet.

Add all the spices.

IMG_2414_Cabbage Curry

Once the mustard starts popping, add the cabbage and mix well.

Add the coconut. Mix well.

IMG_2422_Cabbage Curry

Cook on medium-low until cabbage is cooked to your desired consistency (about 10 minutes to cook and still maintain a little crispness). Salt to taste.

IMG_2424_Cabbage Curry

Serving suggestion:

Mix my “Cumin and Black Pepper soup” with rice. Serve the cabbage on the side.

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